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Sexual & Physical Abuse

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Sexual & Physical Abuse

Women are more likely to experience physical and sexual abuse in their lifetimes, either at work, home or as they go about their daily lives. Abuse against women is not always physical. It can include psychological, emotional, economic and verbal attacks, as well as a range of coercive, controlling and intimidating behaviors.

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Close the Door on Intimate Partner Violence

These services are provided at no cost to the victim. Confidential services are provided whether or not the victim chooses to have police involvement.In addition to treating injuries and documenting evidence, the nurse also helps to educate the victim about domestic violence, assist with safety planning to prevent further violence and provide access to community services, such as advocacy programs and shelters. Confidential services are provided whether or not the victim chooses to have police involvement.

You do not have to suffer alone. Get in touch today if you or a loved one is facing abuse.

Forensic Nurse Examiners

This group provides education about how emotional trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse affect the lives of women. As part of the recovery process, learn about well-being, how to build new skills to promote change and effective coping.

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