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State of the Art Procedures

At ChristianaCare innovating in health means more than just developing new medicines. It also means creating equipment to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions.

For those with heart failure who can’t get a transplant, there are few long-term options. One of those options is called LVAD, which stands for left-ventricular assist device.
By inserting a fiber-thin catheter into the groin area and feeding it up toward the heart, cardiologists can insert dyes into the coronary arteries to locate and often clear away potentially life-threatening blockages.
Vascular interventional radiology is the minimally invasive, image-guided treatment for medical conditions that once required open surgery.

ChristianaCare innovating in health.

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Vascular specialists understand your arteries and veins inside and out. They are the only physicians who are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders of all parts of the vascular system (the veins and arteries in your body) other than those of the heart and brain.
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