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Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

Bariatric Patient Resources

Important documents and information for bariatric patients.

Weight Loss Surgery Guide

Welcome to the Bariatric Surgery Program Patient Resources Website. Here you will find great information to assist you through your weight loss journey.  You have easy access to review information on protein, recipes, fluid goals, exercise, and much more.

Below is our Weight Loss Surgery Guide. You may have been given this at the time you met with your surgeon. It contains a lot of great information to help you before and after surgery. The guide includes topics covering general surgery information, hospital discharge instructions, tips on how to avoid hair loss and constipation, frequently asked questions before and after surgery, what to do if you get sick with a cold or stomach virus, and ways to stay connected to be more successful in your weight loss journey.

Life Skills Video Series

The Life Skills Video Series was created by the ChristianaCare Bariatric Program to support you in your weight loss journey. The videos cover topics about surgery, foods to eat before and after surgery, vitamins, exercise, mental health, and wellness after surgery and much more. This information is important to know before surgery but also great to review again after surgery.

We encourage you to follow along with the Life Skills Packet to take notes and learn even more about the topics. This packet can be found in your Weight Loss Surgery Guide or you can download it below.

If you need to review the Life Skills packet that goes along with the videos, please click below.

Bariatric Cookbook

Our program dietitians have found that as patients journey through the phases of eating after bariatric surgery, they sometimes struggle to find creative ideas on how to prepare meals and keep their meals exciting. We developed a cookbook to help you be creative with your food as you advance your diet post operatively.

ChristianaCare's Bariatric Cookbook cover art

Monthly Newsletter

We invite you to view our monthly newsletters.  These newsletters are packed full of great information – Zoom Link for the monthly support group, recipes, fun exercises and other health tips.

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