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Alliance for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

AAPP offers educational programs for young people and their parents.

Information About The Alliance for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (AAPP)

The Alliance for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (AAPP) works to reduce the number of teenagers who are sexually active, contract and spread sexually transmitted infections, become pregnant and become teen parents.

AAPP offers educational programs statewide for young people and their parents. It also serves physicians, educators, nonprofit groups and anyone else who provides care for teens and their families. Parental permission must be obtained before any youth can participate in our programs.

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Our Programs

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a six-module curriculum that provides adolescents, ages 13 to 18, with the knowledge, motivation, and skills necessary to change their behaviors in ways that will reduce their risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

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Making Proud Choices!

Making Proud Choices! is an eight-module curriculum that provides young adolescents, ages 11 to 13, with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and pregnancy.

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Wise Guys!

Wise Guys is a ten-module program designed to prevent adolescent pregnancy, empower young men to recognize challenges they may face in life, and give them the tools to overcome these challenges.

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Our Staff

Sharde Morris-Tate:

I am the Program Coordinator for AAPP. I have been educating for over two years and it is a very rewarding position! What I love most about being an educator is the look on the faces of the youth when they’ve learned something new and their growing curiosity for knowledge and understanding at every session. When it comes to educating the youth, I like the quote “Never be afraid of not knowing. Find out.” -Lauryn Hill, it exemplifies the fearlessness of a young mind learning new information to benefit  their future!

Sharde Morris-Tate
Royal Mason:

Christiana Care Health Care Educator/AAPP/Wise Guys. I have been doing the Wise Guys program for AAPP (Alliance for Adolescence  Pregnancy Prevention) for the past 12 years. Educating primarily youth from the ages of 11-18 yrs. Educating in the area healthy relationships, selfcare, and future goals. Currently, expanding Wise Guys Curriculum into helping older adults who have been restricted from society. I live by: “Wisdom is the principle thing. Get Wisdom and get understanding.” 

Royal Mason
Keith Boger:

I've been a community educator for AAPP since 2012.  I am certified to teach Wise Guys and Be Proud Be Responsible.  I prefer Wise Guys because it affords me an opportunity to interact with young people.  My motto is "Lead by Example".  

Keith Boger
Amber Fusco:

I am the newest Community Educator to the AAPP team! I come from a clinical background of 12 years and have always had a passion for helping others as well as educating. I stand by the phrase “reach one teach one”. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that I may have positively impacted our youth by giving them education and skills to navigate throughout their lives!

Amber Fusco

Schedule a Program

If you have additional questions about AAPP, please contact the Alliance for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator, Sharde Morris-Tate.

To schedule a program for your group, please complete and submit the form below.

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