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Being a New Mom

We’re here to guide and advise you on how to adjust to your new lives.

Becoming a new mom is a wonderful, life-changing experience but doesn’t come without its challenges – especially if its your first time. It can be daunting to know you are now the primary caregiver for a new life, and adjusting to the changes to everyday life can be a challenge.

That’s where we can help. From feeding and emotional wellness through to sleeping, sexual health, pets and more, we’re here to guide and advise you on how both you and your baby can adjust to your new lives.

ChristianaCare offers support to those suffering from a perinatal mood disorder, perinatal anxiety, or both. The Center for Women’s Emotional Wellness offers a comprehensive program available during pregnancy and after delivery.
Being pregnant and giving birth puts a woman’s body through a lot, and may even change it forever. For many new moms, getting their ‘old’ body back is important and can cause emotional distress and even depression.
Choosing how to feed your baby has life-long effects for your baby and for you. What you have seen and learned about infant feeding from your family, friends, and teachers is likely to influence your attitude and perceptions.
ChristianaCare shares diapering tips such as making sure that everything you need is within your reach. A skill that every parent quickly masters, diapering is a rite of passage that only gets easier the more you do it.
ChristianaCare can help you to identify some risks of having your baby sleep in your bed such as suffocation, strangulation, and entrapment. We want to help make sure your baby sleeps safely once you get home.
A nurturing family is essential for a healthy baby. That’s why we emphasize the partnership between families and health care professionals to ensure the best possible care during your labor, delivery and recovery.
We are here to support and advise you every step of the way to make sure your baby’s mental and physical development are healthy and safe.
When taking your baby out and about in your vehicle, you’ll need to make sure they are comfortably and securely seated for the entire ride.

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Being a New Mom A-Z Services List

Caring For Your Baby

A new baby brings joy but also challenges to daily life. We are here to help and make sure you feel confident caring for your baby.

Caring For Yourself

It’s all too easy to focus on your new child after birth, but new mom’s also need care following such a large bodily change.

Family and Pets

Getting ready for your new baby includes helping other family members adjust. A new baby brings new sounds, new schedules, and new ways of coping for everyone.

Support Groups

Whether you’re a first time mom or feeling nervous about the newest addition to your family, we have a range of classes to help you.