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Caring For Your Baby

Early Development

Your baby needs to be nurtured and encouraged wherever possible.

Early Development

Your baby goes through an incredible amount of development in its early years which need to be nurtured and encouraged wherever possible.

As their brains and bodies grow, they learn to smile, communicate, crawl, walk and develop other key skills as well.

We are here to support and advise you every step of the way to make sure your baby’s mental and physical development are healthy and safe.

Baby looking over mother's shoulder while doctor examines

Our Services

We provide a range of inpatient and outpatient medical care for children and teens including:

    • Inpatient pediatric hospitalization.
    • Neonatal Intensive Care.
    • Well baby services.
    • Lactation services.
    • Routine exams and vaccinations.
    • Sick visits.
    • Screenings for lead poisoning.
    • Risk assessments for tuberculosis.
    • Care for chronic illnesses, including allergies, asthma and sick-cell anemia.
    • Care for physical disabilities and neurological problems.
    • Referrals to the Child Development.
    • Watch and psychological staff.

    Find Your Provider

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    ChristianaCare Pediatrics Associates at Newark
    ChristianaCare Pediatrics Associates at Newark View Location

    ChristianaCare Pediatric Associates - Newark,
    DE, Newark,
    Delaware 19713, USA

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    ChristianaCare Pediatrics at Whitehall
    ChristianaCare Pediatrics at Whitehall

    ChristianaCare Pediatrics at Whitehall
    735 Mapleton Ave
    Suite 100
    Middletown, DE, 19709

    Call 302-368-8612 Get directions

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