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Women's Healthcare

My Body

The very best information and services from our experts.

Knowing Your Body

At ChristianaCare, we offer world-class services and care for a wide range of women’s health services. This includes making sure you have all the information you need on topics such as early pregnancy advice, breast health, sexual health, diet and more.

We are passionate about giving you the very best from our experts and respect the importance of privacy and dignity, no matter what services you need from us – and do everything we can to ensure you and your family have everything needed to make informed, beneficial choices at every step.

It's never too late to start improving what and how you eat. Good nutrition is a vital part of your health and well-being, with health foods playing an important role in disease prevention, weight control and disease management.
The ChristianaCare Center for Reproductive Health specializes in innovative contraceptive techniques and provides comprehensive reproductive health services, especially for patients with complex medical issues.
ChristianaCare supports your primary care doctor through its diabetes primary care services program. Our certified diabetes educators offer support that complements your doctor’s medical and educational goals for your diabetes.
Obesity is treatable with medical supervision and lifestyle changes. At ChristianaCare’s Weight Management Center, we can help you achieve permanent weight loss and reduce your risk for obesity-related illnesses.
Women can do anything that men can do. But there is no arguing that our bodies are different. That’s why it is so important to choose a physical therapy program that specializes in rehabilitation services uniquely designed for women.
ChristianaCare’s Greenville Obstetrics and Gynecology practice offers expert OB-GYN care convenient to Greenville, Centerville and North Wilmington. We offer personal care for women of all ages.

My Body A-Z Services List

Advanced Gynecology

ChristianaCare’s Center for Advanced Gynecology & Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIGS) is dedicated to delivering the safest and most effective gynecological care.

Bone Health

At the core of our body structures, maintaining good bone health is essential to our movement, activity, health and well-being.

Breast Health

Breast health is an important part of a woman’s overall wellbeing and needs regular checking by both the individual and their caregiver


Life-changing for patients and their families, we take the fight to cancer with the latest treatments and innovations.


ChristianaCare offers comprehensive and specialist care for women with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Find out more on our website.

Heart Disease

While heart disease is often thought of as a disease that mostly affects men, it also affects millions of women.


Known as The Change of Life, the average age at which menopause occurs is 51 – although it can actually happen from any time from the 30’s to the mid-50’s.

Nutrition and Exercise

Exercise and nutrition are an integral part of your health and general well-being, as well as playing a part in preventing chronic diseases.

Physical Therapy

There's no arguing our bodies are different to men's. That's why it is so important to choose a physical therapy program that is uniquely designed for women.

Rheumatology & Arthritis

At ChristianaCare Rheumatology, our experts specialize in the care, diagnosis and treatment of degenerative joint disease in women.

Sexual Health

At ChristianaCare we understand the complexities of women’s sexual health and are dedicated to providing individually tailored advice.


Our physicians are board-certified in obstetrics & gynecology and the only urogynecologists in Delaware board-certified in female pelvic medicine and recovery.

Weight Management

In recent years, our understanding of obesity in women has evolved alongside long-term studies. Find out more on our website.