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Bone Health

Maintaining good bone health is essential to our movement.

Maintaining Good Bone Health is Essential

At the core of our body structures, maintaining good bone health is essential to our movement, activity, health and well-being.

Whether you need to recover from an injury or prevent one, the doctors, nurses, therapists and other health professionals at ChristianaCare are experts in bone and joint health for women. With special consideration for women, our exercise services can help you to stay fit and feel great – and when urgent care is needed, our orthopaedists provide life-saving trauma care in Delaware’s most capable trauma center.

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Excellence in Bone & Joint Health

Our team of experts includes orthopedic surgeons who specialize in comprehensive musculoskeletal care, spine surgeons to provide expert care for your back and neck, and rheumatologists and sports-medicine doctors who provide skilled non-surgical care for arthritis and injuries to bones and joints.

Our therapists provide one-on-one care to help you recover fast from injury and achieve your optimal physical performance. And our Center for Advanced Joint Replacement is among the best programs in the nation for hip and knee replacement surgery.

ChristianaCare is accredited by the Joint Commission for hip and knee replacement.

Get Back to the Things You Love

ChristianaCare’s Center for Advanced Joint Replacement is among the most advanced, comprehensive programs for hip and knee replacement in the country. We perform more than 2,500 total hip and knee replacements annually, using the latest minimally invasive techniques, with clinical outcomes that are among the best in the nation.

Our program offers a complete continuum of care for women of all ages. From initial consultation through pre-operative education, surgery, an average one to two-day recovery in the hospital and outpatient physical therapy, you can feel confident knowing that your care is in the hands of experts who specialize in hip and knee replacements.

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