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Rehabilitation and Therapy

Whether your goal is to come back strong enough from an injury or to recuperate from illness or surgery, ChristianaCare Rehabilitation Services is Delaware’s leading team for getting you back on the road to your best health.

While the world is changing, our commitment to you never will. We’re working to make sure that your health care is safe and feels as normal as possible. Through our outpatient facilities across the region and our virtual care options, we have redesigned care so that you can best connect with our experts in physical, occupational, speech and audiology therapies. We’re a partner every step of the way in your care plan.

Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, struggling with chronic back pain, or need strength and balance support to prevent falls, physical therapy from ChristianaCare is an excellent way to improve mobility, reduce or eliminate pain, and possibly avoid the need for surgery or medications.
ChristianaCare’s rehabilitation unit is uniquely designed to help you reclaim independence and build confidence as you progress toward home.
ChristianaCare’s speech and language pathologists are prepared to help overcome developmental vocal challenges or speech impairments.
Our audiologists can help determine if you are experiencing hearing loss and provide a path forward through treatment or assistive devices, education and support.

Contact Us

To make an appointment, call 302-623-1500.

You can call our outpatient facilities or send a message to “Rehabilitation Services Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy” on the ChristianaCare Patient Portal to discuss how we can best help you to meet your goals.

Virtual visits are currently available with the speech, occupational and physical therapists, so you can get help right from the convenience of your home.

For those requiring intensive inpatient rehabilitation services, our team at the renowned, CARF-accredited Center for Rehabilitation at Wilmington Hospital is still serving patients with Love and Excellence. We can help you to rebuild strength, improve mobility and re-learn the skills of daily living as you progress toward home.

Rehabilitation & Therapy Care A-Z Services List


Hearing loss can result from acoustic trauma, chronic ear infections, head injury, medications, and normal deterioration common to old age and many other causes

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation focuses on practical day-to-day issues such as maximizing strength and adjusting to physical challenges at work, at home or at play.

Center for Rehabilitation

Our hospital campus is uniquely designed with the latest in therapeutic technology and real-life skill simulation environments to help you reclaim independence.

Education and Support Groups

Sometimes you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Emotional support can also help, particularly from others facing common issues.

Occupational Therapy

If you need help re-learning how to take care of daily tasks, occupational therapy can help you reclaim your independence.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

When your child’s movement, speech or hearing is restricted, life can be challenging. We can help.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

A branch of medicine that focuses on medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Physical Therapy

ChristianaCare experts in physical therapy are important partners every step of the way in your care plan.

Rehabilitation Services Locations

ChristianaCare offers physical therapy and specialty rehabilitative services at locations throughout New Castle County, Kent County and in Concord Township, PA.

Speech Therapy

Communication keeps us connected. Our pathologists help both adults and children overcome vocal challenges and speech impairments.

Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

From inpatient care to recovery at home, ChristianaCare’s Stroke and Brain Injury programs are uniquely designed to help.