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Experts at Neurological Care

At ChristianaCare, our multi-disciplinary Neurosciences team includes experts specially trained in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of neurovascular illnesses.

The service line includes programs for:

With a dedicated Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, a Transitional Neuro Unit, Stroke Treatment and Recovery Unit and an outpatient neurology practice, teams of highly trained experts are able to handle neurological concerns across the care continuum and work directly with patients and families to develop comprehensive care plans.

Comprehensive Stroke Care

Christiana Hospital is a Comprehensive Stroke Center certified by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association /American Stroke Association. Our team provides the around-the-clock medical expertise and infrastructure needed to treat more than 1,700 stroke cases a year, as well as the most advanced NeuroInterventional Surgery for minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms, strokes and other conditions affecting the brain and spine that were once only treatable through open surgery.

We collaborate with emergency responders and community physicians to support optimal health and an exceptional experience in treating stroke patients throughout the continuum of care, and we partner with patients, families and the community through outreach to ensure stroke awareness and education before a crisis occurs.

ChristianaCare’s Stroke Program has been recognized as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, the most advanced level of expertise in stroke care by national certifying organization The Joint Commission. We provide 24-7 availability of expertise in stroke care including neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neurointerventional radiologists.
ChristianaCare neurologists are trained to help you deal effectively with existing symptoms, identify new symptoms, properly treat them and consistently monitor your health to ensure you enjoy the best quality of life possible.
ChristianaCare is a Comprehensive Center of Excellence, as designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. We provide a comprehensive approach to your care by addressing all medical and non-medical needs.
Our team can work with you and your pediatrician on a personalized treatment plan for your child.
Our neurologists can offer available treatments and make appropriate referrals for support.
BOTOX® Cosmetic is now available at two ChristianaCare Outpatient Neurology practices. Introductory pricing is available for a limited time.
MS Education & Support Group

The purpose of this group is to provide individuals with Multiple Sclerosis education on various topics, along with peer-to-peer interaction on a monthly basis. Each session will begin with a short educational presentation followed by open forum for questions and group discussion.

Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Award

Neurosciences A-Z Services List

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Treat memory loss to lead a life of safety and independence.

Child Neurology

Our team can work with you and your pediatrician on a personalized treatment plan for your child.

Epilepsy Center

If you or a loved one has a seizure disorder, you can find exceptional care right here in Delaware at The ChristianaCare Epilepsy Center.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at ChristianaCare brings hope to those who have missed activities or important life milestones because of their seizures.

Headaches and Migraines

We have the expertise to help identify potential triggers and find the right treatment.

Multidisciplinary Care

ChristianaCare neurosciences offers a Multidisciplinary Center (MDC) to provide care for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease patients with complex needs

Multiple Sclerosis

Get expert treatment for multiple sclerosis.

NeuroInterventional Surgery

Providing love and excellence through minimally invasive procedures with less pain and less recovery time

Neuroscience Faculty Accolades

Research and Highlights from our Expert Faculty.

Outpatient Neurology

Outpatient Neurology helps you live with your neurological condition.

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders

ChristianaCare has expertise managing Parkinson’s disease symptoms and slowing the disease's progress.

Stroke Program

ChristianaCare’s Stroke Program has been recognized as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, the most advanced level of expertise in stroke care.

Testing and Lab Work

ChristianaCare offer a wide range of neurologic testing to aid in the diagnosis of neurologic disorders.