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Nursing at ChristianaCare

ChristianaCare Nursing Honor Guard

Honoring those who have dedicated their lives to the profession of nursing.

ChristianaCare’s Nursing Honor Guard is privileged to participate in the visitation or funeral services of fellow nurses. At the start of the service, the Honor Guard performs a meaningful, 10-minute ceremony as a farewell to nurses who have dedicated their lives to caring for others in times of need.

Services of the Honor Guard are available by request for any ChristianaCare active, former or retired licensed practical nurse, registered nurse or advanced practice nurse.

Services are available in the State of Delaware; in Cecil County, Maryland; and in areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania served by ChristianaCare.

Services are performed by one to three members of the Nursing Honor Guard.

Services are free of charge.

Symbols of Tradition

In keeping with the traditions of Nursing, the ChristianaCare Honor Guard will bring a white rose, a nurse’s cap, and a framed document of the Nightingale Pledge to set at the service. If desired, the Honor Guard can place a picture of the deceased in uniform at the service as well.

During the ceremony:

  • The Nightingale Tribute can be read.
  • A candle can be lit and held in a traditional ceramic lamp. At the end of the ceremony, the candle will be extinguished and the lamp will be given to a designated family member or friend.
  • A white rose can be offered to the beloved.
  • A Final Call to Duty can end the ceremony. The Honor Guard will say nurse’s name, ring the symbolic nurse’s bell and announce that the nurse is relieved of earthly duties.

To request a ChristianaCare Nursing Honor Guard, contact Barbara White at 302-320-7329 or