Patient & Visitor Guide

International Patients

Christiana Care is dedicated to improving the health of all people in the communities it serves through its medical services, education and research.  Resident aliens and non-residents who present as self-pay patients for elective services will be required to pre-pay the estimated charge amount for those services at a minimum amount of rate of 85% of our published charges. Such patients will pay a minimum of eighty five percent (85%) of the estimated charges since self-pay patients are granted a fifteen percent (15%) self-pay discount.

All Christiana Care medically necessary non-emergent services, including the services rendered by the employed physicians are within the scope of this policy. All resident aliens and non-residents who present as patients will not qualify for Financial Assistance or for an ability to make payment after receiving elective medical services .

Patients who are considering receiving non-emergent medical services at Christiana Care are to contact the Patient Financial Services Collections Manager at 302-623-7172 to obtain a cost estimate and further discuss payment arrangements.