ChristianaCare Patient Portal

Parent or Support Person Access

Do you have someone you want to authorize to have access to your Patient Portal?

Patients over age of 18

There are two ways to submit your authorization to have a proxy to your Patient Portal set up.

By e-mail

Send an email to to request an electronic form be sent to your Patient Portal for completion. The form will appear as a Clipboard in your Portal to complete. For instructions on completing the Clipboard, see How to Complete a Patient Clipboard.

By PDF Scan and E-mail

Print and complete the Adult Proxy Authorization form. Then, scan and email the completed form to

Patients between age of 12 to 18 years old

Complete and submit the Adolescent Proxy Request form where limited Patient Portal access is available for scheduling appointments for your child and for messaging your child’s provider. No further access is available at this time due to privacy laws. Send the completed form by email to or fax to 302-320-4859.

Patients under age of 12

Parents or legal guardians should e-mail and include the following information:

  • Your Legal First, Last Name and Date of Birth.
  • Your Spouse or Significant Other’s Legal First, Last Name and Date of Birth.
  • Your Child’s Legal First, Last Name and Date of Birth.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian’s e-mail address(es) that are to be set up with access.
  • Explanation of the request you are submitting.