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Cancer Social Work

How can a social worker help me?

Living with cancer may mean that you will have to deal with added financial, practical and emotional concerns. Our social workers can give you direction and support as you face these challenges. If you have questions like the ones listed below or others, please call our cancer center social workers at 302-623-4700.

  • How do I apply for Social Security disability benefits? If I am approved, when and how do I get Medicare?
  • How do I apply for Medicaid?
  • What is the Delaware Cancer Treatment Program?
  • Do I need to have Medicare D?
  • How do I find out if I have paid sick leave at work?
  • What is COBRA?
  • What is the Family Medical Leave Act?
  • I’m having trouble paying my bills, is there anything in the community that may be able to help me?
  • Is there anywhere I can get help with paying for a wig?
  • What kind of help is there if I need a ride to treatment?
  • I need help talking to my kids and family about my cancer.
  • I’m having trouble dealing with all of this, where can I get help and support?
  • I’m having trouble taking care of myself and my home. Is there any help?
  • What is hospice?
  • What is an advanced directive? Do I need one?

There is no cost to speak with our social work staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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