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Genetic Consultation and Risk Assessment

Neurogenetic Risk Assessment

Consultation with one of our expert genetic counselors may be considered for any of the following neurology indications with unexplained or family history of:

  • Neuropathy — certain types of nerve pain, numbness and resulting weakness.
  • Myotonia — muscle weakness and/or muscle degeneration.
  • Ataxia — atypical bodily movements and loss of coordination.
  • Epilepsy — abnormal brain activity leading to seizures.

The genetic counselors at ChristianaCare will work directly with your referring neurologist to ensure the appropriate neurogenetic testing is offered to you. Consultation will include discussion of the diagnostic differential (a list of possible conditions or diseases that could be causing your symptoms), benefits to undergoing genetic testing and limitations of current testing technology.  

At this time, we are only accepting referrals for neurogenetic consultation through direct referral from Neurology. If you or a loved one are concerned about a possible hereditary neurologic condition, speak with your treating physicians. If you have questions whether neurogenetic consultation is right for you, call 302-623-4593 or toll free at 1-800-811-8116.