Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Our Compassionate, Highly-Specialized Doctors and Care Providers

One of the advantages of coming to ChristianaCare Health System is that you’ll receive specialized care from not just your physician, but from an entire team of experts who collaborate on documenting your seizures and recommending the most effective treatment options.

Epilepsy Test, Harness

Below are some of the roles that you may see throughout your stay in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Our team will meet with you each day to discuss your care. You are always welcome to ask any of us questions.

Epileptologists are doctors who specialize in caring for people of all ages with epilepsy. They have additional training and education in diagnosing and managing various kinds of seizures.

Advanced practice clinicians will work with the epileptologist to manage your medications and other aspects of your care.

Monitor watchers help to keep you safe by watching your video recording at all times. They alert a nurse if you start having prolonged or frequent seizures.

Our nurses are trained in how to monitor and evaluate your condition during a seizure. They work with the monitor watcher to assess your condition and keep you safe.

EEG technologists are responsible for obtaining accurate recordings and videos. They can answer any technical questions about your recordings.

Patient care technicians will help to keep you comfortable in your room and assist the nurses with your care.