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COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

When you have chronic lung disease, even routine, daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, showering or making the bed can cause shortness of breath. This can cause you to become fearful of physical activity and lead you to become less active.

ChristianaCare’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program can aid in stabilizing and even improving the symptoms of lung disease, including shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Our licensed and specially trained respiratory therapists and exercise physiologists will help you return to your highest level of function through education, exercise and functional activities. Our Medical Director, Dr. Mazen Kreidy, board-certified in critical care medicine, pulmonary disease and internal medicine, leads our team in your care.

Pulmonary rehabilitation can also help you to:

  • Increase your energy.
  • Manage your medication or oxygen therapy.
  • Maintain a positive outlook.
  • Stay out of the hospital.

Who is eligible for pulmonary rehabilitation?

Your doctor may recommend a pulmonary rehabilitation program if your diagnosis shows that you have:

To enroll, you will need a prescription from your doctor and may need a recent pulmonary function test (PFT). Once you have enrolled, a team of specialists will assess your condition, review your medical history and design a program for you that may include pulmonary education, exercise training and breathing retraining.

If your doctor has not already recommended pulmonary rehabilitation for you, be sure to ask. Check with your insurance company to determine the level of coverage for pulmonary rehabilitation offered by your plan.

After you have completed your program, you may wish to continue your visits for ongoing maintenance. We will recommend facilities that are supervised and safe for you to continue your exercise program.

For more information, call us at: 302-661-3302.

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