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Multidisciplinary Care

Spine Cancer

Your team will tailor your treatment for your cancer and for you.

Spine Cancer

The Helen F. Graham Cancer Spinal Tumor Metastatic Lesion Multidisciplinary Center specializes in treating cancers of the spinal column and surrounding area.

Your Multidisciplinary Team

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are used to treat spine cancers. Often these cancers will cause pain or neurological changes, and our team of specilists will help diagnose and treat these problems. Decades of clinical experience show that combinations of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are often most effective. Your team will tailor your treatment for your cancer and for you.

When you visit the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute, you will meet with a team of doctors in one visit:

  • Your surgeon can order diagnostic tests, perform a biopsy to see if your tumor is malignant or operate to remove cancer if necessary.
  • Your medical oncologist can administer chemotherapy or immunotherapy that kills cancer cells.
  • Your radiation oncologist can pinpoint places where your cancer is growing and use precisely focused X-rays to reduce or destroy it.

Together, these specialists, in consultation with your primary-care doctor and with the support of your care-management team, will work with you to create the most appropriate and effective plan of treatment for your cancer.

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Your team will tailor your cancer treatment for you.
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