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Take control of your health.

Are You As Healthy as You Think?

Take a health assessment and take control of your health

A healthy diet, exercise, managing weight and stress, getting enough sleep — these are the building blocks of a healthy life. But sometimes we need information beyond the common-sense basics of keeping healthy. And sometimes even the common-sense solutions to achieving better health can be difficult to apply to our own lives.The resources provided here can help you to understand a disease or diagnosis, or help you to brush up on your basic health knowledge and find solutions that work for you.

ChristianaCare Health for Life® events and classes are offered throughout the year to enrich your understanding or proivde you with support when facing health issues large and small. 

ChristianaCare also offers health risk assesments too! Take a health assessment and take control of your health.

Are you getting quality sleep? Are your joints hurting? Are you at risk for cancer? Our five-minute health risk assessments help you answer those questions and more. 

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