Zohra Ali-Khan Catts

Ms. Ali-Khan Catts received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Spanish from the University of Delaware in 1992 and a Master’s of Science degree in Human Genetics with a concentration in Genetic Counseling in 1995 from Howard University. She was certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling in 1996 and achieved re-certification in 2006. Upon graduation, Ms. Ali-Khan Catts was recruited to the Children’s Hospital of Central California in Madera, California where she was employed as a genetic counselor for seven years. She joined the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, ChristianaCare in 2002. She is the Director of Genetic Counseling and developed the Familial Cancer Risk Assessment Program and the Ruth Ann Minner High-Risk Family Cancer Registry. She has an adjunct scientist appointment in the Department of Biological Sciences, in the College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of Delaware. She is a mentor for Undergraduate students from University of Delaware, University of West Virginia, and Dartmouth College. In addition, she is the primary supervisor for genetic counseling graduate students from Arcadia University and has been a thesis committee member for several genetic counseling graduate students from Arcadia University and University of Maryland.

Ms. Ali-Khan Catts has been active in the National Society of Genetic Counselors, including co-chair and chair of the education subcommittee of the cancer special interest group (2011-2013) and chairing the licensure subcommittee (2010-2013). She has been active in the NCI community Cancer Centers Program and has served as Co-Chair and Chair for the Genetic Counseling Working Group (2010-2012). Ms. Ali-Khan Catts also is the Chair of the Council for Genetic Counselors under the Board of Medical Practices in Delaware.