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Center for WorkLife Wellbeing Fostering WorkLife Meaning, Connection and Joy

Encouraging Wellbeing within our Walls and Beyond

At ChristianaCare we are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of both caregivers and communities. When caregivers feel supported and fulfilled in their work, the quality of both the patient and caregiver experience improves. That’s why we help healthcare and other essential service industries to focus attention on supporting their caregivers, by advocating for and executing change that promotes WorkLife meaning, connection and joy.

With expertise in a broad range of wellbeing related topics, our consultative services and educational curricula are also available to help other organizations establish a balanced wellbeing approach.

You may be wondering what we mean by “caregiver.” We define caregivers as everyone that forms part of your core and extended organization; the individuals and teams who thrive every day to bring their best and support one another along the way. This includes everyone from the executives to front line staff.

Now is the time for forward-thinking organizations to establish wellbeing initiatives to support their caregivers.

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The Minds Behind WorkLife

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Our Framework for WorkLife Wellbeing

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