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Center for WorkLife Wellbeing


Exploring the Link Between Personal and WorkLife Wellbeing

The WorkLife Way

Our experts understand the importance of helping you to foster a nurturing and supportive work environment that enables your team to thrive. 

The WorkLife Wellbeing Operational Framework addresses each of the factors that contribute to a caregivers wellbeing, and is designed to:

  • Acknowledge the relationship between work experience and overall WorkLife Wellbeing.
  • Establish a common language around wellbeing that is applicable to a broad workforce with varying wellbeing needs.
  • Highlight the strategic partnerships and varied approaches that can be utilized to address wellbeing concerns.

Each layer of the model is critical but insufficient when the others are missing.

By attending to all aspects of wellbeing, leveraging different methods and optimizing our strategic partnerships, the Center strives to deliver a balanced and nurturing approach.

Worklife Wellbeing

The “What”

Personal Wellbeing

When caregivers attend to their own physical, psychological and financial health, they feel better and are more equipped to recognize what they need to be their best for the important people in their personal and professional life. Integrating the competing demands of their home and work lives can lead many caregivers to sacrifice their own self-care to meet the needs of others.

Efficiency of Work

Experiencing efficiency of work is a critical component of WorkLife Wellbeing. Identifying opportunities for improvement can reduce the administrative burden on caregivers. Creating an open dialogue allows issues to be identified and worked through, and this can be achieved by asking questions such as “Do all caregivers have access to the information, supplies, equipment and supporting team members necessary to perform their work?” and “Does technology streamline the workflow or create additional tasks?”

Culture of Wellbeing

Working in a Culture of Wellbeing means encouraging one another to attend to personal wellbeing needs and striving to set the example for one another.

It also means working together to create a shared sense of:

  • Physical and psychological safety.
  • Equity.
  • Connection and camaraderie.
  • Meaning and purpose.
  • Choice and autonomy.

The “How”

Wellbeing Services

Through a comprehensive range of proactive and responsive wellbeing services, we aim to help caregivers achieve wellbeing by encouraging them to prioritize their own self-care and reflect on how they can improve the culture and efficiency of their workplace. These services include a Peer Support Program, psychoeducation, opportunities for group reflection, and our Thank You project, which connects caregivers with grateful patients and families. Additional programs include ice cream rounds, organized monthly for residents and fellows, and the OASIS Project, which created private, dedicated spaces within our hospitals for caregivers to pause, de-stress, and recover.

Empowered Action

We believe that enabling caregivers to take empowered action allows them to use their talents and harness their passions in a way that positively impacts both their colleagues and their work.

We encourage caregivers to take empowered action through a network of peer support and champions who amplify our mission.


The Center for WorkLife Wellbeing amplifies the voices of caregivers to address problems outside of their individual control. Similarly, the Center partners with professional organizations to advocate for wellbeing needs beyond the control of individual organizations. We aim to ensure caregivers are heard by gathering and aggregating anonymous caregiver feedback, creating caregiver rights and responsibility documentation and increasing psychological safety.

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