Revolutionizing Health Care. ChristianaCare Center for Virtual Health

The future of health care is virtual. The future is now!

The ChristianaCare Center for Virtual Health goes beyond simply offering our patients video visits. We’ve turned health care upside-down to truly create a unique and personal experience.

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We are creating a virtual health system by:

Supercharging virtual care by integrating care all online

With unparalleled access to care and a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, the Center:

  • Combines primary care, specialty care and urgent care accessible from anywhere, anytime, across any digital device – even through secure text messaging.
  • Offers real-time communication with immediate care and answers through text or any mobile device.
  • Shifts care so that it no longer revolves around an appointment with a doctor. Rather, it’s proactive, coordinated, and continuous.
  • Offers radical convenience with care available 24/7 at one’s fingertips.
  • Provides the right care at the right time by the right health professional at a fraction of the cost of traditional care delivery models.
  • Reduce emergency and urgent care visits, lowering the cost of care for our patients.

Taking Care Management to the Next Level

Through The Center for Virtual Health, we are bringing care management to a new level. How?

  • This new fully personalized care model engages people with health care experts far beyond the traditional healthcare experience.
  • People will have stronger connections to their healthcare team about the things that matter most to them during the many hours between traditional office visits.
  • Connecting with people at the right time and with the information encourages them to be more involved and creates a more integrated, continuous feedback loop.
  • Our care continues when people are still well; providing self-service access and proactive reminders so people can avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions, and simply boost health outcomes.

Our Care Connection

A 73-year-old patient with COVID and high risk due to cardio vascular disease and cancer was referred by his primary care provider through our COVID Hot Line.

The patient had a virtual visit with the COVID Virtual Practice and was identified as qualifying for Monoclonal Antibodies to help protect him against severe symptoms.

The patient received his antibodies and was monitored through the COVID monitoring program three times per day to make sure that he recovered without his symptoms getting worse. He also received a pulse oximeter to monitor his oxygenation status and to make sure he tolerated the antibody infusion.


His message to his care team said:

I can’t thank you guys enough!! You have been fantastic!! I’m just so grateful each day for people like you. Wish I could thank each one of you personally!!”

Featured Components of our Virtual Health System

Prior to COVID-19, ChristianaCare had a vision that more care could be delivered in the home, in the community or on a smart phone. The pandemic accelerated our digital transformation. Our vision.
Using ChristianaCare's COVID-19 Virtual Practice and CareVio®, we're able to offer employers daily employee monitoring for symptoms, as well as testing and care if necessary. Learn more.

Bringing More and More Care to the Home

Today’s digital technologies make it possible to now provide care in the home that was never thought possible. We are working to expand our virtual and digital capabilities to expand our virtual specialty care offerings, integrate bio-metric devices to assess your health and wellness, and provide services in your home that were traditionally offered only in a health care facility. Check back often to learn more.

ChristianaCare Center for Virtual Health

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