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COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.


Heart Conditions Care

Managing the transition from hospital to home after a heart attack often requires professional support including medical care, therapy and caregiver support. ChristianaCare HomeHealth nurses and in-home health professionals will come to your home to help you or your loved one control symptoms, improve self-care, maximize and independent function, and minimize re-hospitalizations. Count on ChristianaCare HomeHealth to provide:

  • Regular updates to your doctor about your plan of care and your progress.
  • Management of your symptoms.
  • Help in understanding your medications.
  • Counseling in nutrition and activities to enhance daily living.
  • Information about how to identify changes in your health status and when to contact your physician.


Along with your scheduled nursing visits, you will receive special equipment that monitors your health in the convenience of your home. A telemonitor assists you in learning how to monitor your health. It is a special device that makes it easy to collect vital signs, including blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, weight and temperature, at the same time every day.

This information automatically and securely goes to a monitor at the HomeHealth through your telephone line. A nurse checks your information and monitors your progress. Your doctor receives regular updates.

The telemonitoring system is easy to use and even provides voice prompts and features color-coded buttons. The entire process takes only about three minutes. Your nurse will teach you how to use the telemonitoring system, which may include a:

  • Monitor device.
  • Special scale.
  • Blood pressure cuff.

Depending on the information ChristianaCare HomeHealth receives from the telemonitoring system, your home care nurse may:

  • Give you advice over the telephone.
  • Come to see you at your home to check your condition.
  • Call your doctor for further orders.

ChristianaCare HomeHealth partners with patients and their families to provide skilled, coordinated, compassionate in-home care. Our tradition of caring for people across their lifespan is supported by the state’s largest health care system – ChristianaCare. As Delaware’s home health care agency of choice, we are proud to serve our community by helping people get well, be healthy and live independently at home.

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