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Trauma Department

Treatment of Your Loved One

Having a loved one in the hospital for a critical injury or illness can be an emotionally overwhelming experience for everyone involved. You, your family and your friends may have many questions about the treatment of your loved one.

That is why it’s essential to choose a spokesperson for a patient. Having a spokesperson helps you establish good communication with the trauma care team who is caring for your family member or friend. The spokesperson also helps keep the lines of communication open with family and friends.

When communicating with the trauma care team, we encourage the patient’s spokesperson to:

  • Provide as much information as possible about the patient, especially if he or she cannot communicate.
  • Be sure to share the patient’s wishes regarding surgery, life-support equipment and other difficult decisions with the trauma care team.
  • Make a list of the patient’s questions and concerns, and those of their family and friends.

We welcome questions from the patient’s spokesperson about the equipment, treatments and overall care of your family member or friend. Your loved one may be attached to several tubes and machines. Each one has a specific function, so we urge you to ask why they are being used.

We want you to take care of yourself while your family member or friend is critically ill. He or she will need your support when his or her condition improves.

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