Emergency Medicine

Welcome to the ChristianaCare Emergency Medicine Student Clerkship! Our MS4 Clerkship is a highly competitive rotation and we are excited that you are interested in getting to know us. Our medical students will rotate between Christiana Hospital in Newark (annual ED census 104,000) and Wilmington Hospital in Wilmington (annual census 63,000). This will provide you with the opportunity to experience both the intensity of a high volume, high acuity, tertiary care facility and the complexities of an county, inner city facility. Our program does not have many subspecialty residencies, allowing our emergency medicine residents to gain experience in all types of procedures. This is a great opportunity to experience our residency as you will be working with some of the strongest EM residents in the country. You will have several shifts with a dedicated teaching resident providing individualized instruction. We look forward to seeing you.

If you are rotating with us and plan on applying to EM through ERAS we will be interviewing candidates during your rotation from July-October.

Clerkship Directors

Rob Hsu, M.D.

Clerkship Coordinator

Dolores Moran,, 302-733-1463, and 302-733-1595 fax.


4th year US medical student in good standing

Housing Application

Housing offered based on need for students >60 miles away from home facility.

Rotation Application

Our clerkship director will begin to review UME applications in March.
We do not use VSAS. Register at

Student Conferences

  • Thursday 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (breakout small group sessions, interactive lectures, grand rounds, SIM labs).
  • Friday 8 a.m.-9 a.m. SIM Lab.
  • Program leadership Lectures.
  • Journal Club.

Reading Material

Provided on our Google Drive during your rotation.

Emergency Department Shifts

  • 8 hours shifts.
  • 12-14 shifts per month.
  • Ultrasound shifts available based on request.

Rotation Dates for 2019-20

Block -1 AKA Bl 11
4/29 to 5/24 2019

Block 0 AKA Bl 12
5/27 to 6/21 2019

Block 1
7/8 to 8/2 2019

Block 2
8/5 to 8/30 2019

Block 3
9/2 to 9/27 2019

Block 4
9/30 to 10/25 2019

Block 5
10/28 to 11/22 2019

Block 6
11/25 to 12/20 2019

Block 7
1/6 to 1/31 2020

Block 8
2/3 to 2/28 2020

Block 9
3/2 to 3/27 2020

Block 10
3/30 to 4/24 2020