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About Us

Diversity & Inclusion

A Commitment to Everyone

“We are committed to equity, inclusion, fairness and justice for everyone we serve. As caregivers, our mission is simple, but profound: We take care of people—and caring for people includes working together to eliminate systemic racism along with the health disparities it causes.”

President & CEO

We commit to valuing diversity and fostering an environment for inclusion as we support all our caregivers and serve all our neighbors with love and excellence, in our actions and in our words.
ChristianaCare is part of a nationally recognized program dedicated to workforce development focused on individuals with significant barriers to employment. It generates partnerships with businesses that work to benefit the individual, community and the workplace.

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ChristianaCare is one of the country’s most dynamic health care organizations, centered on improving health outcomes, making high-quality care more accessible and lowering health care costs.