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Strategy & Outcomes

Transparency and accountability are essential to our success.

The culture of an organization begins at the top.

We believe that the culture of an organization begins at the top. That’s why we are proud that ChristianaCare’s President and CEO Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH, stands behind an anti-racism statement that acts as a guiding principle for the health system.

“In our commitment to taking action to eliminate racism and its harms, ChristianaCare has adopted an Anti-Racism Statement as a guiding principle. I am proud of this important step as we work to address one of the greatest challenges of our time."

President and CEO Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH.

4,615 caregivers have taken the pledge.

The I ACT ON pledge is a personal pledge that over 4,500 caregivers so far have taken to help drive inclusive behavior in their everday life. These caregivers have demonstrated their desire to take action by virtually signing and committing their support to make our workplaces more inclusive for all.

I ACT ON Pledge for Caregivers - 1

Strategic Plan

"Our strategy is not solely the imperative of the Inclusion & Diversity team, executive leaders or hiring managers – but instead it’s the imperative of all 14,000 caregivers." -Natalie Torres, Director of The Office of Inclusion & Diversity

As we advance our commitment to inclusion and diversity at ChristianaCare, transparency and accountability are essential to our success. Here you will find our FY21-FY23 Inclusion & Diversity strategy and outcomes as well as our FY 24-FY28 strategic focus. 


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An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is an organizationally supported group of caregivers who share a common identity – and allies of that group. ERGs are established following submission of a Charter application and subsequent approval by the Office of Inclusion and Diversity.  
We're proud to be recognized with numerous awards and accolades that showcase our commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment.