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About Us - Your Partner in Healthcare

The ChristianaCare Way

Our promise to you — and to each other.

Our Promise to You

The ChristianaCare Way is our promise to you — and to each other:

“We serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. We do this by creating innovative, effective, affordable and equitable systems of care that our neighbors value.”

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Mission of Service

As a nonprofit health system, our mission is one of service. We believe that the key to providing truly great health care is to partner with our patients and their families, building a system of care that is effective, affordable and valuable to everyone who is touched by it.

Where Expertise Meets Respect

How do we know what is valuable to our patients? We ask. And we listen. We understand that medical expertise is fully effective only when it is paired with respect and compassion. And we understand that the way to help our neighbors to get well and to stay that way requires that we take the time to learn about who they are, what they want, and what they need.

The ChristianaCare Way is also an invitation to you. As a patient or a visitor, or as a member of our community, we welcome you as a partner. Tell us how we’re doing, and let us know if you’ve had a good experience or if you see an opportunity for us to do something better.

Love Your Health

The ChristianaCare journey began more than 100 years ago, with our commitment to serve our neighbors as respectful, expert, caring partners in their health. Since then, we’ve grown to meet the needs of our community, guided by our values, love and excellence.

Today, we are reimagining how we deliver care — to deliver health, not just health care — to you, the people we serve. We are focused on meeting your needs in ways you value, providing the right care, at the right time, in the right place. As we embark on this next chapter in our journey, we are excited to share our community e-newsletter, Love Your Health, created just for you. Love Your Health is one example of meeting you where you are — providing you with thought-provoking news and features to help you achieve your best health.

We Serve Together

ChristianaCare’s annual We Serve Together publication is the story of our caregivers, as they serve with pride as expert, caring partners in the health of our neighbors. As we rise out of the COVID-19 pandemic, our caregivers are building a health system that is stronger, better and more resilient.

The 2021 edition highlights the multiple ways we are using technology to transform care, especially through our Center for Virtual Health, hospital care at home program and an exciting joint venture with Highmark Health that is creating a new model of value-based care.

We Serve Together 2021 also spotlights innovative achievements from our Gene Editing Institute and provides facts and figures illustrating the economic impact ChristianaCare has in our community.

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ChristianaCare comprises three hospitals — with more than 1,200 beds — as well as outpatient and other services throughout northern Delaware and the surrounding area.
Health System and Health Services Board guide the organization's future vitality