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Strong Bones Program

Strong Bones Services

Conveniently located comprehensive bone health services.

Our Services

The Strong Bones program offers comprehensive bone health services from a multi-disciplinary team that’s conveniently located near your work and home.

We help you address the complex causes of low bone density fragility and work with you to design the most effective treatment plan.

Nurse Navigators

From your first phone call, the dedicated Strong Bones Nurse Navigator will guide you through the process, providing virtual education and care coordination for your bone health needs. The Nurse Navigator will work with you, your Primary Care Provider and the Bone Health Specialist to develop your bone health management plan.

Fracture Liaison Service

If you have experienced a fragility fracture, a broken bone resulting from a mild trauma, such as bumping into furniture or a minor fall, you are at much greater risk of breaking another bone.

The Strong Bones Program is a Fracture Liaison Service that identifies those who have had a fracture (broken bone) that occurred from a low impact injury and provides education and care coordination by the Strong Bones Nurse Navigator. Working together with the Strong Bones team to develop a bone health management plan is key to reducing the risk for future fractures.

The Strong Bones Program Fracture Liaison Service provides care coordination for patients who have had fractures (broken bones) including the hip and upper arm, which are common in people with osteoporosis. In 2016, we expanded our services to include patients with vertebral compression fractures.

Why Choose ChristianaCare?

Our multidisciplinary care team can partner with your primary care physician to ensure you’re getting the coordinated bone health care that you need. We offer bone density (DXA) scans, bone health consultations and check-ups as part of our partnership with your provider.

Working together, the team shapes and continually refines a plan of care suited to each person’s needs.


Contact Us

To speak with a nurse navigator, call 302-733-5683.  

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