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Primary Care in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Love & Excellence Now in Rehoboth!

If you are searching for a new primary care provider, ChristianaCare is right here with two primary care practices in one convenient location.  ChristianaCare Primary Care at Rehoboth is traditional primary care practice for adults of all ages. ChristianaCare My65+ at Rehoboth is a practice with services designed for the needs of those 65 and older.  Now you can get personalized care, right where you need it. To schedule an appointment, call or pick a provider and schedule online.

ChristianaCare Primary Care at Rehoboth


Dana L. Newswanger, DO | Primary Care
Priyal Desai, MD | Primary Care

ChristianaCare My65+ at Rehoboth


David R. Trinkley, MD | My65+
Sheri A. Smith, MSN, BSN, Certified Nurse Practitioner | My65+

    Primary Care


    Dana L. Newswanger, DO
    Priyal Desai, MD

    To schedule an appointment, call 302-703-3850

    If you are searching for a new primary care provider, ChristianaCare is opening a location right here in Rehoboth. Now you can get personalized care, right where you need it.

    From mental health and wellness to preventive care, this new location will bring together trusted providers to help patients live their healthiest lives and be connected to Delaware’s largest, most advanced healthcare system.

    Thorough care begins with primary care. If you need a caring provider, you can rely on ChristianaCare for board-certified experts.

    Our expert providers will offer a range of care including:

      • Annual wellness visits
      • Preventive screenings
      • Care for acute illnesses
      • Immunizations
      • And more

      At Rehoboth, you can choose from traditional Primary Care for adults of all ages, or if you’re 65 and over you may choose ChristianaCare My65+.



      David R. Trinkley, MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician
      Sheri A. Smith, MSN, BSN, Certified Nurse Practitioner | My65+

      To schedule an appointment, call 302-703-3980

      The providers at ChristianaCare My65+ at Rehoboth are specially trained to work with the health and wellness needs of those 65 and over to help them reach their best health with love and excellence. Our practice is dedicated to meeting each patient’s needs with award-winning services and longer appointment times so we can focus on the exam, listen to their concerns, answer questions, and give the best treatment for their diagnosis.

      In addition to specializing in treating the complex medical needs aging requires, our interdisciplinary team offers a full range of patient-centered healthcare for adults 65 and over, including:

      • Post-hospital stay referrals.
      • Annual wellness visits.
      • Preventive screenings for conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and more.
      • Early detection and management of chronic conditions.
      • Nutrition guidance and eating habits.
      • Medicine management and an on-site pharmacist.
      • On-site virtual visits with top specialists throughout ChristianaCare’s network of services.
      • Reduced costs with preventive medicine.
      • On-site behavioral health specialist.
      • Coming soon – physical therapy in the on-site rehabilitation center.

      We also coordinate seamless, integrated care with specialists, tests, treatments, care providers, family, and any in-home healthcare providers. My65+ at Rehoboth provides the love and excellence patients deserve so they can enjoy their golden years with family, friends, and their community. 


      We’re accepting new patients!

      Scheduling now available.

      Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm