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Rehabilitation and Therapy


Comprehensive audiology services for adults and children.

Helping with Hearing Loss

As part of our longstanding commitment to provide patients with the most innovative advancements in health care, ChristianaCare Rehabilitation Services offers comprehensive audiology services for adults and children.

Hearing loss can result from acoustic trauma, chronic ear infections, head injury, medications, and normal deterioration common to old age and many other causes. Our audiologists can help determine if your patients are experiencing hearing loss. And, when a hearing impairment is detected, we can provide a path forward through treatment or assistive devices, education and support.

Diagnostic Audiology

More than 28 million Americans experience some level of hearing loss. The condition affects people of all ages and whatever its cause, it’s a frustrating problem that makes communication difficult. Our audiologists are skilled in assessing the degree and cause of hearing loss through today’s most advanced hearing test capabilities.

Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

In this study, we’ll check the electrical nerve impulses that carry sound from the inner ear to the brain by placing electrodes on your ear lobes or behind each ear, as well as on your forehead. The clicking sounds you hear through earphones help our audiologists study interruptions in nerve impulses to your brain.

Distortion Produce Otoacoustic Emission

With this test, audiologists place a tiny microphone in your ear canal opening to measure how well outer hair cells in your inner ear are working.


Small electrodes placed on your face on either side of your nose and on your forehead trigger facial nerves, allowing the audiologist to measure muscle weakness in your face due to problems such as Bell’s palsy.

Pure-tone Air and Bone Conduction and Speech Audiometry

Measuring your ability to hear tones ranging from low to high helps the audiologist determine degree and type of hearing loss.

Tinnitus evaluation

To help identify degree and cause of tinnitus, your audiologist will perform a complete hearing exam, that may also involve movement studies of your eyes, jaw, neck, arms and legs or imaging tests, such as CT or MRI scans, to help find underlying disorders causing that persistent sound in your ears.


Using varying amounts of air pressure in the ear canal, tympanometry helps audiologists assess how well your eardrum and middle ear are working. Sound waves transmitted to the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, measure the energy of the reflected sound and provide valuable clues to the cause and degree of hearing loss or tinnitus.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Do you have trouble following conversations? Does your family complain that your television is too loud? Do you find yourself pretending to hear just to avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves yet again? Our audiologists will assess your needs and develop a plan to help make it easier for you to communicate with others. Therapy and devices include:

Hearing Aids

We’ll help you select the most appropriate style and technology, fit it precisely to your ear, make minor repairs and, if needed, oversee major repairs.

Hearing Assistance Technology

Television listening systems, amplified telephones, alarm clocks and other alerting devices can all make communication easier for those who have difficulty hearing. Hearing assistance technology devices can be used alone, or to supplement a hearing aid. We’ll help you choose among the many options available.

Custom Ear Molds

Our auditory team is experienced in creating custom ear molds for hearing aids, noise protection devices, earplugs, earphones, stethoscopes and communication headsets.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

That ringing, buzzing or hissing sound you hear in your ears when nothing near you is causing a sound is called tinnitus, and it can be extremely frustrating when you cannot turn off the sound. Our tinnitus experts will help you understand what causes this frustrating condition and find ways to retrain the way your auditory system processes sounds. Ours is one of a select number of programs qualified to help you break through the bothersome noise and find welcome relief so you can concentrate on the sounds you want to hear.

Vestibular Services

Balance problems and dizziness are often caused by problems in the vestibular system, or inner ear. Specialized vestibular testing by an audiologist can help determine what is causing you to lose your balance, and allow our trained therapists to customize a treatment plan to help.

Dynamic Platform Posturography

This test provides information about which parts of the balance system you rely on most. You stand in bare feet on a special platform and balance under various conditions, wearing a special harness for safety.

Electrocochleography (ECOG)

This test measures electrical potentials in your inner ear. ECOG checks for the presence of excess fluid in your inner ear. Results help guide your treatment.

Electronystagmography (ENG)

This test records and analyzes your eye movements to identify inner-ear or central nervous system disorders.

Rotary Chair Testing

This test measures your eye movement to diagnose or rule out inner ear or the central nervous system problems. During this test, you sit in a computer-controlled chair that rotates and oscillates at various speeds. Slow speeds move in a full circle, and faster speeds move back and forth in a small arc. The testing room is dark, but a video camera and a microphone mounted at the top of the chair allows constant contact between you and your audiologist.

Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP)

VEMP uses electrodes to measure small changes in your neck muscle contractions to check if your saccule, the inferior vestibular nerve, and central connections are intact and working normally.

Referrals & Coverage

Outpatient audiology services are often covered by health plans, but with limitations. Patients should check with their insurers to determine the need for a physician referral and extent of coverage.

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