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Specialty Care

Hospital Care at Home

Expanded hospital care delivery from the comfort of home

If you or a loved one are being considered for admission to the hospital, your provider may recommend our Hospital Care at Home program. ChristianaCare’s Hospital Care at Home program enables patients to receive 24/7 hospital-level care from the comfort of their homes rather than in a hospital.

Our team of experts will treat and monitor your health with the highest level of care. Even though patients are not physically within the walls of the hospital, they are constantly connected to healthcare providers. Patients connect with their care team through a combination of in-person and virtual visits and monitoring through our telehealth platform.


Our Hospital Care at Home services include:

  • A care team consisting of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, paramedics and registered nurses.
  • Laboratory, infusion therapy, wound care, imaging, PT, OT, and EKG services.
  • Advanced practice provider in-home visit.
  • Virtual specialty provider consults.
  • Medication delivery services.

ChristianaCare Hospital Care at Home

ChristianaCare Hospital Care at Home offers the highest level of in-home acute care in Delaware. It provides a combination of virtual and in-person care by a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other providers. In-person and virtual visits from the health care team along with mobile imaging and lab services, delivery services for meals and nutrition, and pharmacy medication and management mean a patient doesn’t necessarily need to leave home to get better. Virtual technology and home health equipment are brought into the patient’s home to ensure round-the-clock monitoring and care that mirrors a traditional hospital setting.


Technology provided for Hospital Care at Home patients:

  • Remote vital signs monitoring device and telehealth platform.
  • A tablet for video visits with your care team.
  • A phone that connects directly to your care team.
  • A personal emergency response bracelet.
  • Backup power supply.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

If you choose to participate in the Hospital Care at Home program, our care team will begin the process to admit you to the program.


We accept many insurance plans. There are no additional costs beyond your normal inpatient co-payments co-insurance, and deductibles.

Hospital-level care at home provides high-quality care with your physician from the comfort and convenience of your own home. These services include lab tests, mobile imaging like x-rays and ultrasounds, IV therapies, and durable medical equipment like shower chairs, oxygen, and hospital beds.

During your stay in the program, you will be provided with a tablet for video visits and a phone that connects you directly with your care team.  In addition, you will also be provided with a personal emergency response bracelet, vital signs monitoring devices and a backup power supply. All technology is delivered and set up for you in your home.

We ask that you stay home during your time of care. Your diagnosis and circumstances will be considered by the care team should you need to leave your home during the episode of care.

You may ask to be discharged from the program at any time. Our care team will help transition your care to a safe alternative.

The length of your stay in the Hospital Care at Home program is determined by you and your care team. Once you have reached your care goals, you will be discharged from the program. Our care team will make sure all your needs are met upon discharge. We will remove our technology (tablet, telephone, vitals sign monitoring equipment, and backup power supply). We will also follow up with you post-discharge to check on you and make sure you have everything you need to continue achieving your health and wellness goals.


Contact us for more information.

For questions about the program, please call us at 302-956-1008.

Our toll-free number is: 1.833.757.9772

See how the program can work for you.

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