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Emergency Medicine

The people who make up the Emergency Medicine Department.

Who We Are

  • John T. Powell, M.D., MHCDS, FACEP -Chair
  • Lauren Cooksey, M.D. - Associate Chair
  • Kate Groner, M.D., FACEP - Medical Director, Christiana Emergency Department
  • Chris Rogan, MD - Associate Medical Director, Christiana Emergency Department; Medical Director, LifeNet/CareNet EMS; Chair, ChristianaCare Emergency Management
  • Stefanie Golebiewski, M.D. - Medical Director, Wilmington Emergency Department
  • Erin Watson M.D., MBA, FACEP, CPE - Medical Director, Middletown Emergency Department
  • Emily Granitto, M.D., FACEP - Medical Director, Cecil Campus Emergency Department
  • Jenna Fredette, M.D. - Program Director, EM Residency
  • Leila Getto, M.D., FACEP - Associate Program Director, EM Residency
  • Jonathan McGhee, D.O. - Associate Program Director, EM Residency
  • Justin Stowens, M.D. - Associate Program Director, EM Residency
  • Erin Kavanaugh, M.D., FAAFP - Co-Program Director, EM/FM Residency
  • Jenna Fredette, M.D. - Co-Program Director, EM/FM Residency
  • Valerie Cohen, D.O. - Associate Program Director, EM/FM Residency
  • Jason Nace, M.D. - Program Director, EM/IM Residency
  • J. Daniel Hess, M.D., FAAEM, FACEP - Associate Program Director, EM/IM Residency

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