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Maintenance of Certification

Authority to approve internal quality improvement efforts.

ChristianaCare is an Approved Portfolio Sponsor of the ABMS Maintenance of Certification Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program

On behalf of the American Board of Medical Specialties and participating Member Boards, the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program has approved ChristianaCare as a portfolio sponsor.

As a portfolio sponsor, ChristianaCare is granted authority to approve internal quality improvement efforts as meeting portfolio program standards and guidelines, thus allowing participating physicians to submit their project completions for MOC Part IV from their participating specialty board.

How to Apply for MOC Approval of a Quality Improvement Effort

Prior to making application for project approval, please review the standards and guidelines for MOC qualifying QI initiatives to make certain your QI project meets these requirements, and additionally review the standards and guidelines for meaningful participation in qualifying QI initiatives and communicate these requirements to physician members of the team.

If clarification of additional information is needed, contact the CME MOC committee representative at MOC@christianacare.org.

The CME MOC portfolio program committee will review each application and provide feedback within 30 days. The committee will assist initiative leaders and team members in meeting standards and requirements.

ABMS Deadlines for 2023

New QI Activity – October 1, 2023
Physician completions – November 15, 2023

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