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Access Center

Available 24 hours a day to facilitate patient transfers.


The ChristianaCare ChristianaCare Access Center staff is available 24 hours a day to facilitate patient transfers to ChristianaCare.

Critical-care and non-emergent cardiac, trauma, neurological and general medical patients are streamlined through our transfer center for care at ChristianaCare via helicopter and ground transport.

Our ChristianaCare Access Center coordinators provide quick and convenient coordination of patient transfers.

They work with both the referring physician and our accepting physician to make all transfer arrangements, coordinate patient clinical information and make cath and neuro interventional lab arrangements as needed. Our transfer center expedites all arrangements to provide continuity of care and provide the referring physician and family with updates on the transfer process.

Our Services

Our services include:

    • Emergent, same-day and non-emergent transport.
    • Ground, air and specialty transport.
    • Coordination of all transportation arrangements.
    • Coordination of clinical information with referring and accepting physicians.
    • Coordination of cath and neuro interventional lab.

    Contact Us

    ChristianaCare Access Center



    Fax: 302-733-2108

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