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Medical-Dental Staff Services


Most frequently asked questions about our Medical-Dental Staff services.


Yes. Our bylaws allow physicians, podiatrists, dentists and others to apply for various categories. Please contact the Medical-Dental Staff Services office for additional information – 302-623-2597.

You need to be credentialed and privileged through the Medical-Dental Staff Office, only if you are requesting to provide clinical care to our patients outside of your training program (moonlighting). Please contact your Program Coordinator for assistance.

In compliance with state law, accreditation bodies and as defined in the Medical-Dental Staff Bylaws, it is necessary to evaluate each member’s licensure, malpractice, sanctions, and privileges every two years.

Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) are required based on Medical-Dental Staff Policy. These are two ways to determine the care provided to our patients is of the highest quality and safety.

Prior to renewal of registrations to practice medicine in this State a physician must be prepared to supply the Board with proof that he/she has completed forty (40) hours per registration period of continuing medical education in Category I courses approved by the American Medical Association or the American Osteopathic Association since the time of the physician’s last renewal of his registration. Contact the ChristianaCare Continuing Medical Education Office for additional information – 302-623-3882

Individuals enrolled in approved medical or osteopathic resident or fellowship training programs may be requested to submit proof of satisfactory participation in lieu of approved continuing medical education credits. Certification by the Medical Society of Delaware that a physician has completed such continuing medical education since the time of his last renewal of his registration shall be acceptable proof of completion of these requirements.

A physician who is renewing the registration for the first time and who has been licensed to practice medicine in Delaware for more than one year shall be prepared to supply the Board with proof that he/she has completed twenty hours of continuing medical education in Category I courses.

A physician who is renewing the registration for the first time and who has been licensed to practice medicine in Delaware for less than one year shall not be required to meet any continuing medical education requirements until the time of the next subsequent renewal of his registration.

Our department goal is to complete new appointment applications within 90 days. However, this time frame is contingent upon the receipt of all verifying documentation to include but not limited to such items as letters of reference, Delaware Medical License and Delaware Controlled Substance registration.

Although the DEA is a federal license, it is only valid for the state that appears on the license registration. If you are required to write prescriptions for controlled substances within the State of Delaware, a DEA with a Delaware address is required by the Federal law and ChristianaCare Bylaws. Click here for the link to the Code of Federal Regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Federal DEA Office directly at 800-882-9539.

Please contact your Credentialing Specialist for assistance.

You Credentialing Specialist can assist with this request as well. Please review the requirements by clicking here.

You will receive instructions from Medical-Dental Staff Services regarding picture taking for your I.D. badge. We also issue dictation numbers at the time of appointment.

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