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Our Nursing Journey

ChristianaCare nurses model Excellence and Love as they serve together.

A message from Ric

In a 2022 Gallup Poll, the American public once again named Nursing the most trusted profession — and for good reason. Nurses are among the most courageous, determined, compassionate and creative professionals working today.
Across the Delaware region, more than 4,000 ChristianaCare Nursing caregivers show their love of health and commitment to service in our hospitals, primary care practices, home health agency and community.

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As the pandemic lingered into a third year, these dedicated caregivers persevered through COVID-19 surges and a nationwide nurse staffing crisis to care for our patients and each other with love and excellence. Undeterred, they also charted innovative new courses to improve patient outcomes and patient and caregiver experiences.

ChristianaCare’s report for Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022) shares numerous examples of Nursing’s love and excellence — accomplishments that illustrate why ChristianaCare is Magnet® designated three times over for Christiana and Wilmington Hospitals, Ambulatory Services and ChristianaCare HomeHealth.

Among them, our Nursing team’s leadership in vaccinating more than 57,000 people across our region, flexibility in assuming new roles and responsibilities to meet staffing and COVID-19 needs and innovation in creating new evidence-based models of care. All the while, our remarkable caregivers developed an excellent Nursing strategic plan for the fiscal year that charts our course for the next 12 months.

One highlight for me is Nursing’s onboarding a new member of our care team — Moxi, the collaborative robot or “cobot.” The piloting of robotic technology — two cobots are at work in our Christiana Hospital — with nurses earned ChristianaCare our largest ever single grant from the American Nurses Foundation.
As I write this message, our community is becoming increasingly more adept at coexisting with COVID-19. With fortitude, ChristianaCare nurses have come through the acute COVID-19 crisis wiser, nimbler and more committed to caring. They’ve found moments of joy amid sorrow and never lost sight of Nursing’s core purpose of caring.

I am so proud of our caregivers – they always rise to the occasion, proving what I know and see to be true every day: nurses are extraordinary people who are committed to being exceptional today and even better tomorrow.

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ChristianaCare’s Nursing Honor Guard is privileged to participate in the visitation or funeral services of fellow nurses.