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JB Cause

Our only fundraising activity in which we invite you to join us.

Your support will help enhance patient safety through simulation

In the past doctors, nurses and other caregivers learned on the patients they were treating. Often, their first time doing a procedure was on a human being. Today, thanks to technology advancements and philanthropy, ChristianaCare’s Virtual Education and Simulation Training (VEST) Center provides a safe space for caregivers to gain a firm foundation in surgical techniques, hand-to-eye coordination and repetitive skills exercises-before they treat a real patient.

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Donations to JB Cause 2024 will go to the purchase of an all-in-one ultrasound training solution. This equipment used to train caregivers, will guide needling safely and effectively, using non-invasive needle insertion on a real human. This enables caregivers to learn and practice on a real person, increasing accuracy, optimum positioning, patient comfort and ultimately better results.

All supporters of JB Cause 2024 will be named on all JB Cause publicity, featured in a special edition of the Junior Board newsletter, and recognized on the ChristianaCare Junior Board webpage.

Thank you for being a partner to ensure that caregivers learn the necessary skills to provide care while also safeguarding the patients in our community.

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