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Hospitalist Partners

Specializing in the care of hospitalized patients.

Information on Hospitalists Partners

ChristianaCare Hospitalist Partners specializes in the care of hospitalized patients. 

These physicians serve patients at Christiana Hospital 24 hours a day.

The doctors of ChristianaCare Hospitalist Partners work closely with your primary-care physician and offer a variety of resources from the ChristianaCare to meet your medical needs.


They oversee all aspects of care throughout your recovery, including:

They oversee all aspects of care throughout your recovery, including:

  • Directing your treatment.
  • Coordinating your exams, tests and consultations.
  • Answering questions from you and your family.
  • Reporting your condition to your primary care physician.
  • Providing instructions on home care prior to your discharge.
  • Coordinating a successful return to your primary care physician.

How to Contact ChristianaCare Hospitalist Partners

  • From OUTSIDE ChristianaCare: From OUTSIDE ChristianaCare: Call the page operator at 302-733-1900 and have CCHP Admits & Consults paged to your phone number- please give your name and a brief message. This pager is covered by one of our physicians or advanced practice providers at all times.
  • From INSIDE ChristianaCare: Access “Web Paging” (left lower corner on an computer Portal- connects to Vocera Web Console) to send a secure text message to CCHP Admits & Consults.
  • If you know the team number [e.g. 5A] or name [Blue], you can use that instead.
  • To avoid the risk of misdirected pages, we ask that you do NOT attempt to page providers by their own names in this way.

For Non-Clinical (Non-Urgent) Matters:

  • During weekdays from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., you may call 302-623-0188; if necessary, leave a message.
  • E-mail ChristianaCare Hospitalist Partners administrative staff:

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