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For Patients

Online Scheduling

Convenient online appointment scheduling for your care needs.

Primary Care

New Patients

Looking for a new Primary Care provider? We offer convenient locations near you throughout the region and all of our practices are accepting new patients.

Current Patients

Our Primary Care providers have availability for you to schedule annual check-ups, sick visits, and more. Log in to your patient portal to schedule or sign up for a free portal account.

Specialty Care

Current Patient

Certain specialty care can be booked directly through your patient portal. If you don't have a portal account yet, sign up for free.

*Online scheduling is not available for some types of care.* Call us at 800-693-2273 to schedule.

Urgent Care

Save Your Spot in Line

When you're in need of care in a convenient, same-day setting, skip the wait and book your spot in line ahead of time.

Lab Services

Looking for routine blood work, employment testing, or other laboratory services?

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