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Surgical Tours

Your Surgical Experience at Christiana Hospital

Go on a virtual tour of the Christiana Hospital.

What to Expect

From when you step in to when you step out, your full journey is outlined below.

Christiana Hospital entrance
Christiana Hospital Lobby
1. Enter The Campus

From Route 4 turn into the main entrance of ChristianaCare. Proceed to the parking lots at the front of the hospital or pull into the main circle for valet parking, which is available week days between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Christiana Hospital
4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road
Newark, DE 19718 directions

2. Information Desk

Upon entering the front door, proceed to the Information Desk for directions to the Surgery and Procedure Unit. According to administrative policy, children under the age of 12 are not allowed into patient-areas of the hospital.

3. Surgery and Procedure Unit (SPU)

On arrival to the Surgery and Procedure Unit proceed to the registration desk to be signed in for your procedure. An identification bracelet will be placed on your arm following confirmation of your name and birthdate. This will be confirmed many times throughout your stay at ChristianaCare. You will be directed to our waiting area until called.

4. Preoperative Preparation

The Patient Care Technician will escort you back to your private room where she will record your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight, and have you change into a hospital gown.

5. Preoperative Preparation

A Registered Nurse will review information about your medical history. Your family/support person may join you in this room when the nurse is finished. We encourage your family/support person to take your clothes and personal belongings with them.

6. SPU Waiting Area

Your family/support person will be asked to remain in the SPU waiting area while you are being prepared for surgery by the nursing staff. A tracking number will be issued to your family/support person so they may follow your progress throughout the day on our electronic tracking system located in the surgical waiting rooms.

7. Surgical Waiting Lounge

When you are escorted to the Prep and Holding area, your family/support person will be encouraged to wait in the Surgical Waiting Lounge on the second floor. In this area they will register at the desk and may view your progress on our electronic tracking system. Refreshments and a vending area are available. Once again, children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the lounge.

8. Operating Room

Your surgery will take place in a state of the art operating room, specifically prepared for your surgery. A Surgical Registered Nurse will greet you in the Prep and Holding area and accompany you to the operating room. She/he will remain with you throughout your surgical procedure. You will also see other personnel who will assist during your surgery.

9. Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

You will recover from your surgery in the PACU. Here your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing will be checked frequently and a registered nurse will care for you. If you are staying in the hospital after your surgery, you will be taken to a room on a surgical floor. On occasion you may go to the SPU to be cared for while a room on a surgical floor is prepared for your arrival. If you are an outpatient, you will return to the SPU to be discharged to home.

10. SPU Recovery Area

When you return to the SPU, a Registered Nurse will check your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and area of surgery. When the nurse is finished, your family/support person may join you in your private room. A beverage and light snack may be offered, depending on the doctor’s orders. If you are having discomfort, medicine will be available. If you are going home the same day, you will be discharged once the doctor’s orders are met. The nurse will review your written discharge instructions with you and your family/support person before you leave.

11. Discharge

Once you are dressed, you will be taken by wheelchair to the circle at the front of the hospital, where your family/support person will be waiting with the car. For your safety, it is required for you to have a responsible adult available to take you home from the hospital after surgery.

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