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Genetic Consultation and Risk Assessment

Is genetic testing right for me?

Based on the risk assessment of your personal and family history, your genetic counselor may recommend the option of genetic testing. Your counselor will discuss the genes associated with a particular health condition, as well as the risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing. 

The decision to have genetic testing is a highly personal one. Our genetic counselors will provide guidance and support as you make this important decision. The results you receive may affect how you and your doctor decide to manage your medical care and may drive recommendations for the care of your family members. Learning whether you do or do not carry a gene associated with a hereditary condition can bring peace of mind or it can be difficult information to hear. It can also lead to decisions about whether to share your results with your family members who may also be affected. In some cases, your genetic counselor may recommend that your family members consider being tested.

Our genetic counselors will also help you review insurance coverage and possible out-of-pocket responsibilities that may affect your decision about genetic testing.

Talk with a qualified genetic counselor today about whether genetic testing is right for you. Call 302-623-4593, option 1, or toll-free at 1-800-811-8116.