Home Visit Program

Christiana Care Home Visit Program

When You Need Care at Home, We’ll Be There

Many people who need medical care are unable to get it because they cannot leave home. The Christiana Care Home Visit Program is ready to respond to your needs. Our doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and social workers make house calls, bringing medical care to you at home. We help you meet the medical, emotional and social challenges you may face.

Who Provides the In-home Care?

Our experienced staff provides each patient with a team of experienced, compassionate health care professionals. We specialize in medical care for seniors. Through regularly scheduled visits, our team becomes familiar with patients, caregivers and family members, forming strong relationships that promote a better quality of life for homebound patients.

Social workers help relieve the stress often felt by caregivers. They use community resources to manage scheduling, coordinate services, arrange for transportation and meal delivery and assist with insurance and prescription coverage issues.

What Services are Provided?

To meet the needs of homebound patients and their caregivers, we offer comprehensive services:

  • Responsive care management. We respond to calls within one business day.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Identification of health and social service problems for early intervention.
  • Continuous, coordinated medical care between home and hospital.
  • Referrals to and coordination of community-based services, including in-home meetings, physical therapy and occupational therapy services.
  • Compassionate end-of-life care, in partnership with hospice.

Who is Eligible for the Home Visit Program?

When we receive your call, our program coordinator will ask a few questions to determine if you are eligible for the program, and if so, a social worker will set up an appointment to assess your needs, prior to the medical visit.

The Home Visit Program serves patients in New Castle County.

To schedule a visit or to learn more about the Home Visit Program, please call 302-320-5700.