COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.


COVID-19: Click here to learn more about COVID-19 Vaccines, Testing and Visitor Policies.

School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers were established especially for students to help make the best quality health care available in our community more accessible to them. Because they are located right in school, School-Based Health Centers help students overcome many obstacles to receiving good health care – obstacles such as lack of transportation, inconvenient appointment times, or worries about cost and confidentiality. School-Based Health Centers provide comprehensive medical and mental health care, treatment and health education to promote a healthy lifestyle. Each health center is operated by a partnership that includes ChristianaCare, school districts, and the Delaware Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Social Services. At ChristianaCare School-Based Health Centers, we provide the following services:

    • Physical Examinations
    • Health Screenings
    • Women’s Health
    • Reproductive Health
    • Treatment for Minor Illnesses and Injuries Immunizations
    • Nutrition and Weight Management
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Crisis Intervention and Suicide prevention
    • Tobacco Cessation
    • Substance Abuse Treatment & Referral

The wellness centers do not provide hospitalization, X-rays, or complex laboratory tests, and do not provide ongoing treatment of complex medical or psychiatric problems.

When students visit a School-Based Health Center, they are not only connected to all the services at the Center but also the system of care that is ChristianaCare. Research proves that wrap-around services are more effective in engaging students and creating positive health outcomes.

To register your student at their School-Based Health Center, please see e-registration packets linked on the right-hand side.


School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) adhere to Federal and State regulations governing the confidentiality of care. However, SBHCs encourage students to involve parents or guardians in their wellness plans. Parents and guardians are invited to call with questions or arrange to visit the center at their child’s school.


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