Rehabilitation Services at Christiana Care Health System

Whether your goal is to come back strong enough from an injury to run a 5K — or to recuperate from illness or surgery so you can enjoy watching your grandchildren run in the backyard — Christiana Care Rehabilitation Services is Delaware’s leading team for getting you back on the road to your best health.

Our experts in physical, occupational, speech and audiology therapies for adults and children are important partners every step of the way in your care plan.

Outpatient teams in our state-of-the-art facilities throughout the region offer care for a wide range of conditions, using the latest therapy techniques. We help you gain greater strength, flexibility, endurance, and help you reduce or eliminate pain.

Our team at the renowned, CARF-accredited Center for Rehabilitation at Wilmington Hospital helps you build strength, improve mobility, and re-learn skills of daily living as you progress toward home.

Physical Therapy
Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, struggling with chronic back pain, or need strength and balance support to prevent falls, physical therapy is an excellent way to improve mobility, reduce or eliminate pain, and possibly even help you avoid the need for surgery or medications.

Occupational Therapy
Whether your goal is to return to work or play, or to take care of basic needs such as dressing, bathing and homemaking, occupational therapy can help you reclaim your independence and manage ever-changing environments.

Speech and Language Therapy
Communication keeps us connected, and practice builds confidence. Christiana Care’s speech and language pathologists are uniquely prepared to help both children and adults overcome developmental vocal challenges or speech impediments caused by injury or disease. Our team is also skilled in helping patients regain the ability to eat, drink, chew and swallow.

Audiology Services
The ability to hear is a precious gift, but you may not realize that hearing loss can also affect your balance. Christiana Care’s comprehensive audiology program features advanced diagnostic and rehabilitative services and technologies to help with hearing loss and keep you steady on your feet.

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