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After Delivery

Baby's Appearance

There is not need to worry if your baby’s appearance changes.

Your Baby's Appearance

Your baby’s appearance will change every day during the early weeks of life, some of which may cause new moms unnecessary worry.

As part of our after-birth care, we are here to help and advise you on any changes your baby experiences to give you peace of mind and assistance where necessary.

Baby's feet in hand

Things you May See in Newborns

  • Milia: Tiny white bumps on the nose, cheeks, and chin. They will go away in two to three Blue hands and feet: The blood going to the hands and feet is slower at birth. This will go away in a few days.
  • Eye color: Some babies have bluish gray eyes at birth which may change up to one year after birth. Infants with brown eyes usually stay brown.
  • Fontanels (soft spots): Babies have two areas on their head called soft spots. These make it possible for a baby to fit through the birth canal. One is on the top near the front, and the other is on the lower back of the head. These spots slowly close until they close completely by 18 months old. You may notice when your baby cries the spots move up and down. This is normal.
  • Umbilical cord: The umbilical cord stump should be dry and not have any smell. On average, the umbilical cord stump falls off within two weeks.
  • Stork bites/Angel kisses: Patches of dark pink areas may be found on the bridge of the nose, forehead, upper eyelids, back of the head or the neck. These will go away in a few months.
  • Mongolian spots: Large flat areas with dark green or blue color may be found on the back or the buttocks. (They are common in dark skinned babies). They usually go away by the time the child is six years old.

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