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The people who make up the Anesthesiology Department.

Who We Are

  • Matthew Powell, M.D., FASA., Chair
  • TBD., Vice Chair
  • Amine El-Amraoui, M.D.., Medical Director of Wilmington
  • Sophia Cisler, M.D., Steven Tanner, M.D., Assistant Medical Director of Wilmington
  • Madeel Abdullah, M.D.., Medical Director of Christiana OR
  • TBD, Assistant Medical Director of Christiana OR
  • Leonard Nowcid, M.D., Medical Director or Christiana Surgicenter
  • Read Siry, M.D., Medical Director of Clinical Operations
  • Douglas Makai, M.D., Medical Director of OB Anesthesia
  • Mina Kim, M.D., Compliance Officer   

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