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Codified Admission Diagnoses – ICD-10

A codified diagnosis will be required within ALL Admit Orders, including Power Plans. All providers entering Admission Orders will be impacted by this change as the current “free text” diagnosis.

    Discharge Redesign Project

    Developed as a pilot within the Department of Medicine, it is focused on increased provider efficiencies, improved medication reconciliation, enhanced care team collaboration and increased patient and family involvement. PowerChart changes and new workflows are all part of the design.

        • Patient Centered Rounds (PCR) MPage.
        • Soft-Stop Alert for Re-reconciliation after Discharge Med Rec and Discharge Order completed.
        • Soft Stop Alert if Labs/Tests ordered after Discharge Order completed.
        • Documentation Workflow – Medical Readiness Goals for Discharge.
        • Expanded Quick Orders.

        Medicine only:

            Additional PowerChart Enhancements

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