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Professional Practice Model

Our nurses have roots in ethics, national standards and practice.

Advocating For Better Nursing Practice Across ChristianaCare

To illustrate the growth of nurses and the components that guide nursing practice across ChristianaCare, task force nurses chose the schematic of a tree to illustrate the new professional practice model.

At its foundation are The ChristianaCare Way and the new professional governance structure. The roots represent how ChristianaCare nurses have roots steeped in ethics, national standards and practice and in ChristianaCare Values and Behaviors.

Relationship-based care, the newly adopted care delivery model, is etched into the trunk of the tree. This model includes the nurse, patient, family and all ChristianaCare colleagues

Professional Practice Model Professional Practice Model

New Nursing mission and vision statements clearly define purpose and describe how ChristianaCare nurses care for their neighbors, their colleagues and each other; and challenge nurses to drive and support improvements in health care.

The five Magnet model components are represented by the branches and correspond with descriptive words on the leaves that are important to the nursing profession. The Magnet model branches extend and are far-reaching as nursing practice continues to evolve.

Professional Governance

Professional Governance ensures recognition of nursing as integral to the operation and success of ChristianaCare.

With The ChristianaCare Way, Nursing Professional Governance is the foundation of ChristianaCare Nursing’s Professional Practice Model. The Nursing Professional Governance Structure involves unit/department nursing staff in the effective and efficient use of resources and in the implementation of our strategic plan to benefit the patient, family, community, nursing staff and organization. Relationship-based care and interdisciplinary collaboration best benefit the patients and families we serve by encouraging the formulation of evidence-based clinical care standards leading to quality outcomes. Nursing Professional Governance uses contemporary internal and external evidence-based practice, national professional nursing practice standards, and the ANA Code of Ethics and Scope & Standards of Practice to define and promote professional practice. A continuous learning environment promotes excellence through the development of clinical competence and leadership capabilities.

Nursing Governance Nursing Governance

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